Total Fitness

Total fitness encompasses the physical body, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual aspects of our being.  If we neglect any one of these ‘parts’, it will result in a negative affect upon the rest of our body.  Our goal is to address how to keep ‘fit’ in each and every one of these areas.  We recognize that this is not easy in today’s culture where we are always hurrying from one thing to another, with little or no ‘down’ time for introspection or just thinking!  Yet I believe that if each of us were to take the time to ‘care’ for each of these aspects on a daily basis and to do so each day for one month; we would never want to go back to the hurry scurry that is our normal day now.

Not only would we not return to the hurry hurry race; we would discover that we can be more productive, creative, confident, peaceful and joyful when we take the time for our own wellness.  Is this something that you want to be part of your life?  We are purposing this site to bring you the best ways that you can incorporate into your life practices that will improve your total life for the better.  Feel free to pick and choose among the ideas that we will present here.